Ten on Tuesday: Triathlon Edition v. 1

1. I am boldly calling this volume one of the triathlon edition of Ten on Tuesday, because I will surely have ten things to share after I have actually completed the race.

2. My friend Jennifer just posted a photo of herself on Facebook that was taken just after she crossed the finish line of her first tri. She looks so strong and exhilarated and beautiful. I cannot think of a more inspiring image as I head into my last couple weeks of training.

3. I have had three injuries during my training season. They each corresponded to one of the events, and all three were knee-related. First I fell while running and scraped my knee up pretty badly. Then I waaaay overdid it on Mother's Day on a 24-mile bike ride that I simply was not conditioned to do; my knees ached for days. And this morning when I went to hang up my wet swimsuit I bashed my knee on the doorway so hard I darn near passed out. It has been getting progressively purpler all day. I'm super annoyed, to be honest. This is my last week of pushing it and then I need to ease up for the actual race, and it hurts to walk and pedal. OH, THE KLUTZINESS!

4. I very roughly timed my swim this morning and was a bit chagrined to discover, upon checking last year's standings for the Naperville Sheroxx tri, that I am a lamentably slow swimmer. Alas.

5. I have thought all along that I wanted to do more than just finish. I hope to do so on under two hours, and better yet, shorter than the average time. Last year's average was about 1:50. If I were not afraid of the racing bike my neighbor is encouraging me to borrow I'd be more likely to make that, but it terrifies me. I'm so much more stable on a mountain bike hybrid.

6. Someone referred to me as an athlete the other day. And I actually almost cried. I do not think of myself as an athlete. But I am. And soon I will be, officially, a tri-athlete.

7. I am still a bit eeked out that I have to do this whole thing in a swimsuit. And that transitions are timed. I need to think through my transition process. And my pre-race nursing logistics.

8. I have discovered Gatorade. We had some leftover from Juliette's bout with the stomach flu, and I figured I shouldn't let it go to waste. I could totally go all evangelical about Gatorade. If I drink just a bit before a run, I feel so energetic and I don't get side stitches. I kind of wish they didn't have to tarnish the magic with all that food dye, but whatever.

9. Running has become, oddly enough, my favorite, though I've also enjoyed the few times I've gone on trail bike rides with friends. Swimming is always fun, too. Training for a triathlon is essentially playtime; these are the things Juliette wants to do when given the choice.

10. I have never felt better in my life.

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