Any *May* a Beautiful Change Recap

I am so grateful to all the bloggers who have participated in the Any *May* a Beautiful Change carnival. There are upwards of 30 submissions. They are courageous, poignant, and oh so inspiring. They are about the things that matter most. Family. Faith. Health. Friendships. Vocation. Setting down roots (often where you least expect to be).

One of the recurring themes is the paradox that the most beautiful changes are often also the most difficult changes.

I encourage you to click through the links list and read each and every one of them. And, the links list is open all year, so even though May has passed (how in the world did that happen?), you are still more than welcome to join in the carnival and write about your experience. 

I can't think of a more meaningful way to celebrate and connect than collecting these stories and testimonies.

Thank you, all. Thank you for your kind words about Any Day a Beautiful Change, and thank you for sharing your own beautiful changes.

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