Take Twelve: June

Genevieve is a morning baby.

I have quite a bit to say about this book. Note the beloved Festival of Faith and Writing mug.

Genevieve played the recorder for roughly forever this morning.

Hydrangeas, glorious hydrangeas!

The girls have started roughhousing. Parents of boys are welcome to start guffawing at the gentle interaction I just had the audacity to call "roughhousing."

I really loved writing about my triathlon. I pretty much couldn't accomplish anything until I got all the stories out of my system.

I walked home from work this afternoon. Western Springs is so charming.

Like I said: CHARMING.

Juliette thought it was soooo funny that she accidentally put her dress on inside out and backwards. Ah, to be so easily entertained.

Summer eating... 90% fruit and vegetables, 5% bacon, and 5% ice cream.

I SQUEALED when I opened the big package from the Dillows. HAND-ME-DOWN cowgirl boots!!!!

Juliette squealed when she saw the hand-me-down pink bejeweled flip flops from cousin Gracie. And, since I was taking a picture of the boots, she ran off to find her camera and take her own shoe shot. The light coming through her hair kind of undoes me.

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