1. This.

 2. Last Friday, Heidi and I had a fabulous adventure: kayaking in downtown Chicago on the Urban Kayaking architectural tour. I loved every minute of it.

3. Heidi is a great companion for adventures. Unsurprisingly, considering that our friendship began with the Great Meat Pickup of 2011. I am so hopeful that we can pull of the grand road trip we're cooking up for next summer - renting a minivan and driving to Orlando together, so Adam and I can attend Disciples of Christ General Assembly and we can take the girls to Disneyworld. Our girls absolutely adore Heidi and Adam. Who wouldn't?

4. Juliette has sprouted this summer. She is so tall and well-spoken and funny. She has a good heart, too. She's attending Vacation Bible School at the local Presbyterian Church and has gotten so excited about giving money every day to help children who don't have access to clean water. And every night when I ask her who she wants to pray for, she demonstrates such thoughtfulness in her suggestions. Last week we went to a concert at the library with our next door neighbors. They were outside waiting for us, and Juliette hollered out the window, "Hey Jack, will you dance with me at the concert?"

5. I talked to somebody the other day who expressed total disbelief and awe that we don't use any paper towels or napkins. I brushed off her remarks and told her the God's honest truth: it is no big deal. It is a teensy bit of extra laundry that easily gets absorbed into the clothes washing. So if you are on the fence because you think that's some sort of major green accomplishment, go for it. Just make sure you buy cloth napkins that you really like because you will be using them for decades. (Seriously. We still have napkins from college and they still have a lot of use in them. Isn't that so much better than using something once and throwing it away?)

6. I'm excited about the Olympics, though I'm also a little worried that I'm going to miss most of them. But, for a good reason: I'm going to The Young Clergy Women Project conference in Chicago next week. I'm so excited to hear MaryAnn McKibben Dana speak about Sabbath. Her book, Sabbath in the Suburbs, is going to be so, so good.

7. I shared the Take Twelve photos I took in Door County, but here's the best souvenir of the week. Oh, these people. 

8. And, time's up. I have a baby to feed. :)

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