Pride Cometh Before the Fall

1. I stopped at Starbucks on Sunday morning because I needed some serious caffeine to get me through final sermon revisions. As I was waiting to pick up my grande latte, I was standing in between two women. One turned to me and complimented my dress. The other piped up to say she was just admiring my shoes. I was of course totally flattered and said thanks to both of them; then the first lady went on to say I also had a good haircut and that she just loved it when women have good style. This has never happened to me before and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. On the way out I remembered how my worship professor said you could always pick out the pastor even if they don't wear clericals, because they will always be ten years out of style. SO THERE!

2. What goes up must come down. Even (especially?) pride. This morning on the way to work I accidentally braked with my left/front brake. The front wheel stopped and the bike and I did not. It was a hot mess. Both the bike and I sustained minor damage; never have I been so glad that we have a parish nurse. I have some little scrapes and one big scrape, and a few bruises and sore places. But, on the bright side, the bible cyst on my wrist popped!

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