Ten on Tuesday: Birthday Baby Edition

1. Somehow sweet baby Genevieve has been here long enough to be twelve whole months old today.

 2. Genevieve started walking on the Fourth of July. A fitting way to celebrate Independence Day, if you ask me. She is walking more every day. She balances herself with style.

3. For the most part, Genevieve is totally chill.

4. And so, so sweet.

5. But the faces she makes!

6. Genevieve looks at Juliette like this about three hundred times a day.

7. And Juliette gets this look about six hundred times a day.

8. It is hard to capture her reddish blond hair, but I think I did it here.

9. We correctly predicted that Genevieve would deign to eat her birthday cake, unlike her big sister who wouldn't even touch her first birthday cake.

10. Happy Birthday, dear Genevieve. We love you so.

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