You might assume that a post titled "Baby" would be about Genevieve. An update on all things Genevieve is on the way.

"Baby" is all about Juliette. (Not that Juliette is a baby. It's been a long time since she's let anyone call her that.)

Juliette has taken to calling us "baby." As in, "Hey baby, I'm thirsty. May I have some water?"

No one can ever accuse her of not having enough personality.

In addition to calling Ben and me "baby" - or, as she usually pronounces it, "bay-beh", she's been calling her beloved neighbor friend "Jacky." No matter that everyone else calls him Jack. To her, he's "Jacky."

I was talking to Elizabeth the other day and casually said that it's good that Juliette still has another year of pre-k, because she's not ready for kindergarten yet. And it's true that there are certain areas she needs to keep working on, one of which is learning how to manage all that overflowing personality. But honestly? Yeah. She could handle kindergarten. She could handle junior high, for crying out loud. She'd walk into the place like she owned it.

The girl has swagger. And, oh, how I hope she never loses it.

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