This Zill Just Be Short

I've been walking to and from church a lot lately, ever since my unfortunate bike crash. I don't use a cell phone anymore and haven't been listening to music on my iPod. I thoroughly enjoy the time to just walk and think and be in my neighborhood.

This morning during my walk I was reminiscing about our trip to Europe. (I never finished writing the third installment, which is so unfortunate, because we loved Zurich.) It seems so long ago - another lifetime. We were so sad about Deacon, our beloved shelter dog who died of lymphoma. Our marriage wasn't doing so well, and the stress of trying to order sandwiches in French nearly undid us.

Still, we had some truly shining moments on that trip.

When I got to the office today I poked around in my Gmail account to recover an email I sent to our family from our hotel in Paris:

hello all we are in paris, everything is okqy: except thqt this keyboqrd is different: we cqnùt get zireless internet zith the mac so this zill just be short; ze love you qnd will emqil agqin if ze are able:

sorry thaqt mqkes no sense: bye for now!

kqtherine qnd ben

As much as I cherish moments without technology, moments where my mind can wander wherever it pleases, I also sort of love that technology allows me to chuckle over this again.

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