A Hymn for Our Words

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I couldn't find a hymn I liked to go with James 3:1-12, the lectionary epistle I'm preaching this Sunday. So, I wrote one to the tune of "Be Thou My Vision."

(I would love to know how on earth Charles Wesley did this without the benefit of Rhyme Zone.)

This is a rough draft - I'll likely tinker some more, and I'd be happy to take suggestions. It is licensed through Creative Commons, which means: feel free to use/adapt, but please attribute.

A Hymn for Our Words (SLANE)

O God, you created the world with a Word,
Formed it, and blessed it, and called it pure good.
Let now our own mouths speak worship and praise;
Echoing beauty for all of our days.

In the beginning, the Word was with God,
Word became flesh and with humans did trod.
Let now our own mouths speak mercy and grace;
Treating each other as Christ, face to face.

How can we tame our untameable tongues?
Surely they’ll tarnish our hearts and our lungs!
Yet there is hope that we’ll learn to speak well:
With us the Spirit does mightily dwell.

We shall be people who speak truth in love,
as we are formed and reborn from above.
Blessing each other with words that are fair,
Singing a language of honor and care. 

Creative Commons License
A Hymn for Our Words by Katherine Willis Pershey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

And, now I just have to write the sermon! (Unfortunately Rhyme Zone isn't as helpful with that particular liturgical task.)

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