Several on Sunday

1. I signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 15k in Chicago this November. I've run seven miles a couple times, so with careful training I should be able to manage nine by then. The best part is that I'll be running the race with the dance moms. Last year at this time we were just barely talking to one another during class, and now we're going to suffer for chocolate together!

2. I also started swimming with the serious swimmers at the local high school this week. I was really nervous the first day, but thanks to the slow lane it's been going well. When I was training for the triathlon I would swim the tri distance - sixteen laps. On the first day I swam forty laps. That is, like, totally insane, right? But also awesome.

3. I made a new pizza on Friday night that was almost extraordinary: roasted onion jam, brie, and pear. It would have been extraordinary if I had thought to include prosciutto.

4. I preached in the dress I wore for my ordination this morning. It was a gift from two sisters at First Christian Church of Pomona, Natalie and Jane. They took me shopping and bought it for me as an ordination gift. Juliette took her first photograph on the Canon:

5. We had another front yard photo shoot recently. We had to take a picture of the dress I made for Juliette out of a sparkly rectangle. We were all pretty impressed with my latent Rami-esque draping skills; it was held together with one knot.

6. Genevieve has a curly reddish mullet thing going on in the back.

She also has an adorable smile going on in the front. She has more personality every day.

7. I've been a big fan of A Deeper Story ever since discovering it last December. Which is why I was very, very excited to receive an invitation to be one of the storytellers for the newly-launched A Deeper Family. It's a pretty astounding collection of writers!

8. David Dault interviewed me about Any Day a Beautiful Change for Things Not Seen Radio, a great religion/culture program based in Memphis. It aired this morning and is available online here.

9. This and this.

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