Take Twelve: October

A nearly identical photograph of my running shoes kicked off an earlier Take 12. Running has become a significant part of my life this year.

All smiles.

I am so fond of this bearded man.

The covered walkway. There are about a million reasons I love my vocation, and the fact that I am surrounded by beauty is one of them.

This relief sculpture is in the Light Court at church; I love that the artist captured just how babies nestle against trusted grown-ups.

The new stained glass windows were unveiled this week. They are a reproduction of the original design. Breathtaking.

I'm glad I caught this last shot of the old stained glass windows before they disappeared behind the scaffolding box. The windows on the east side took a while because they had to get the glass just right, but now that they have it these will be done fairly quickly.

I spent much of the day in Clergy Boundary Training, which pastors are required to do every five years. It is a good reminder what a sacred trust pastors hold.

Falling asleep in cars since 2008.

I actually have an even cuter picture of a scrunchy-faced smile taken right before this, but I just love her pointy foot here. Juliette saw this and exclaimed: "Genevieve is doing ballet!" Indeed.

Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with Grampy and Monica. Sadly, they took my favorite meal off the menu. I was a little bit pouty.

Meandering around Barnes and Noble is great fun, even when you're chasing an ornery toddler. I admired the journals even though I haven't written in one in over a decade. (Bum wrist.)

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