Communion Carol

Hymn-writing seems to be my new favorite way to procrastinate. Have I started my sermon for Sunday? Nooooo. Have I spent hours on Rhymezone wishing there weren't so many weird rhymes for "God"? Yesssss.

(Seriously: Firing squad. Mail fraud. Atlantic cod.)

As always, there's a bit of hokiness to my original hymn texts. This one was particularly hard as there are internal rhymes! Feel free to use and adapt as you see fit. The last two verses can be easily adapted to work for a Christmas Eve communion service. Please give credit per the Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License

Communion Carol 
(Tune, ST. LOUIS/ "O Little Town of Bethlehem")

The evergreens and paraments declare the season’s cheer.
The story old shall be retold as love casts out all fear. 
We journey forth in longing to meet the Word-made-flesh;
On Christmas Day we’ll find our way to worship at the crèche.

 “O come to us, abide with us,” we’ll carol on that night,
Singing a song with angel throng as Mary’s eyes shine bright.
Yet we know that the child born in the lowly place
Still comes to us, abides with us through this Communion grace.

 Now Jesus gathers all his friends to share the bread and cup.
None is denied; God’s grace is wide. To him our hearts rise up.
He meets us at this table, forgiving all our sins.
Though manger-born and ever-scorned, through him we know love wins.

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