Yesterday morning a church member posted this video on Facebook.

Ever since I watched it I have been wondering: where is the outrage? Where is the monumental fall-out? How can a pundit get away with uttering such overt racism and sexism?

Is it because it's "just" Bill O'Reilly, and people just expect him to say crazy stuff like this?

I know how wretched it feels to believe your country is going in the wrong direction. I know how hard it is to imagine your way into the worldview of someone who subscribes to a completely different political ethos. But this is beyond the pale. It's not merely an ad hominem; it's an attack on pretty much anyone who isn't a white male.

Maybe Bill O'Reilly is doing us one of those unintentional hackneyed favors by giving voice to this conviction. By actually saying it out loud - on a major network - he's exposing an ugly belief that is probably far more pervasive than I'd like to believe.

But the unintentional hackneyed favor only works if people respond to this ugly belief with outrage.

Consider it done.

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