Playing Catch-up

Gracious, it's been a season. Three out-of-state trips, two worrisome circumstances, and one big retreat have made this fall positively fly by. Generally speaking, if I'm not blogging, things are a little wacky. And I have been actively not blogging for awhile now.

But, things are looking up. I'm hopeful that this next season will be delightfully normal. I have no doubts that it will be busy, but I can handle busy.

I'm playing catch-up at home and church, and thought I'd play a round here, too. Here's a few highlights of the last couple weeks.

1. I wrote a bit about my time in Austin before, but I failed to mention that the intensity of the time there was matched only by the fun of the time there. Our hotel turned out to be within easy walking distance of a naughtily-named and altogether delectable fried chicken joint and - wait for it - the top-rated karaoke bar in the city. That, my friends, is proof of providence.

2. Karaoke night was actually the second stage appearance; several of us from the conference participated in a public storytelling event at NeWorlDeli. I'll be writing more about this for the College of Pastoral Leaders journal.

3. The Reverent Writers were unsurprisingly drawn to BookPeople, the big Austin bookstore. I laughed out loud when I saw this sign, which seems to be custom-made for the Willis girls.

4. Juliette and I were invited to a very special birthday tea party at the American Girl Place. It was lovely. You'll note that I chopped my hair. You'll also note that I have adopted a new favorite accessory, the headband. This is because my new haircut - which is supposed to be Gwyneth Paltrow circa 1998 - looks far too Ethan Hawk circa 1994 without the band.

And Juliette's hand-me-down cheetah coat is fierce, eh?

5. Thank goodness the kids wore costumes to the youth group fundraiser, or else poor Genevieve wouldn't have celebrated Halloween at all. She got croup approximately 4 minutes after this picture was taken.

6. I caught Ben and Genevieve taking a much-needed afternoon nap.

7. Juliette has also been sick; our house is awfully quiet when this one has laryngitis. But she was just fine on Halloween, all ready to be Ariel. The $7 wig I bought online had arrived while I was out of town and may very well have eternally sealed my status as the world's coolest mom in Juliette's eyes. At least until she's thirteen.

This child is breathtakingly beautiful.

8. This past weekend the Moms in Faith group at church welcomed my dear friends Lee Hull Moses and Bromleigh McCleneghan to lead our fall retreat. It was such a great event. They were excellent retreat leaders. You should read their book (more about it soon).

9. After the retreat, Bromleigh and her husband hosted a wonderful turkey dinner capped off by a fire and s'mores. It was a perfect evening.

10. We've been playing with my old Barbies. I loved Barbies when I was little. Juliette clearly prefers Cecile (her American Girl Doll) to the Barbies, but Genevieve is nuts about them.

11. I voted. :)

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