Take Twelve: November

I decided I couldn't take yet another photo of my running shoes. I took this at 5:47am, right before I dashed out the door to meet my running crew.

We had a full house fairly early in the morning on Monday. We watched the neighbor boys for just a short time, and then Ben had the twins all day. They were having a lot of fun together.

I love getting the Sunday New York Times, and particularly enjoyed this piece on Hillary Clinton. Gosh, is she impressive.

I feel a little guilty about this one, because my dear colleague Paul had no idea I was taking this, and I was maybe sort of kind of adding to my #take12 during the all-staff meeting. But I was overcome by how very much I am going to miss Paul after he retires next summer on the 60th anniversary of his ordination. I wanted a snapshot of him across the library table. 

I don't actually see the front of the sanctuary very often, as I usually enter through the covered walkway. But it's pretty, isn't it?

That's me. I think I told the church seventeen times that I go by KWP, as I unintentionally was just KP for five years when my name was added to the permanent sign minus the Willis. How much do I love the Prairie Style woodwork and font here?


Nothing beats a baby in the bathtub. Especially one this cute.

Gosh, were we having fun here. This is a side of Genevieve that very few people see, as she is quite reserved with everyone but her parents and sister.


That line on her nose? One of my favorite things in the entire world.

Clean and happy kid.

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