The 1,000th Post

This is the 1,000th post on this blog.

I think that counts a handful of posts that are unfinished drafts, so there may not be 1,000 published posts. But when I logged onto Blogger and checked out my dashboard this evening, the post tally was 999.

That kind of amazes me.

When I started this blog I was disappointed that I had flubbed a number of attempts to write for publication. I was enjoying seminary and excited about the prospect of becoming a pastor, but I could not give up hope that I was also called to be a writer. I started this blog on a whim in July of 2004 with the intention of using it as a place to practice writing. It was and is. But it has also been a place to connect with other pastors when I was in dire need of a clergy network. It's been a place to keep in touch with friends and family from afar. It's been a baby book - indeed, the 500th post on adabc was the one in which I announced we were having a baby. It's been a place to tell stories, share recipes, post photos, review music. It was instrumental in getting that book contract, and equally instrumental in getting the word out about said book. It has brought wonderful people into my life.

I have refused to let the decline of the personal blogosphere wreck my love for this medium. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I experience Twitter as a darkened warehouse with a ton of people milling around in the dark talking loudly. I experience Facebook as a place to pass friends in the hall in between classes. But I experience blogs as an invitation to sit and have a cup of coffee at someone's kitchen table. I just can't give that up. It may take me twice as many years to make it to 2,000 posts, but I hope I do.

To celebrate, here are some of my favorite posts from the last eight-and-a-half years.

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Thank you for reading. And I mean that. One of the reasons this space works for me is because I know there is a small but consistent readership, and for that I am very, very grateful.

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