Take Twelve: December

The Little Golden Book About God is one of our very favorites. There is literally not a single thing in this book that makes me uncomfortable. And that is not always the case with religious books. Solid theology, sweet pictures. 

I realized that I have taken so many pictures looking out my window, but I have a nice view when I turn to the right, too. We wear our masters hoods on Christmas Eve - it looks very festive, even if it isn't the most liturgically pure vestment.

One of my favorite poetry books, a gift from Suzanne several years ago.

A beaming Juliette. 
Getting ready for her bath.

I wasn't so sure about this speckled poinsettia at first, but it has totally grown on me. I love it. And I'm actually keeping it alive!

Several people posted this classic Sesame Street song to commemorate 12/12/12. I'm glad to have a twelve in my project.

Ben's final paper is due tonight, so I swapped my day off to Wednesday so that could write. Juliette and I did Charley Harper puzzles. I love our south-facing windows. We get so much winter light.

Beloved Genevieve and our beloved neighborhood.

I don't go a day without being stopped by a train at the train tracks that run through town, but gosh do I love living in a train town. It is so easy to get to downtown Chicago.

The neighbors took the girls to the library concert, so Ben and I got to on a date. I won a gift certificate to a fancy Italian restaurant on Facebook last week, but when we got to the restaurant we found out that they didn't open until 5pm (you know, because most people don't try to eat dinner at 4pm). So, we walked next door and got long-overdue haircuts and looked that much spiffier when we sat down to eat. 

My grandmother's ornaments have always been my favorites, but it is especially comforting to see them on the tree this year. I always hope that something will show up in my mailbox.

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