Ten on Tuesday

1. This has to be lickety-split, because Parenthood starts in fourteen minutes.

2. I interviewed Rachel Held Evans in the most recent print edition of the Englewood Review of Books.

3. We've all been under the weather with a cold. I am so tired of coughing. And so ready to get back to running.

4. The new Instagram profiles are pretty cool. I know Instagram isn't cool anymore, but I don't care.

5. Every year for the past three years I have bought one Anthropologie sweater on clearance. This year - in my year of buying as few new clothing items as possible - I bought my Anthropologie sweater on Ebay. That said, I could easily drop all kinds of money I don't have in Anthropologie.

6. Ack! Four minutes until I get to visit with the Bravermans!

7. I have several blog posts I would love to write if only I had the time.

8. We've been listening to the Nutcracker a lot. It is fun to have a little ballerina who gets excited about classical music. I hope we can go see it next Christmas.

9. One of my high school boyfriends was the prince in the Nutcracker.

10. "You will stay... forever young."

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