My Second-Hand Frou Frou Anthropologie Sweater Pets

I bought two Anthropologie sweaters on ebay last month, a nice pick-me-up in this year of not buying new clothing.

Cute sweater, eh?

Note the decoration on the left shoulder. You can't quite make it out, but this is Anthropologie, right? It's bound to be cute.

The sweater arrived a few days after my winning bid was confirmed. I was so excited to open the box, as my annual infusions of Anthropologie sweaters have dramatically increased the fun and funk of my wardrobe (I've been buying one off their clearance rack for the past three years).

And that's when I saw them. For a split second I thought they might actually be mice that managed to stow themselves away in the shipping materials. But no: the little gray furry things were attached. As it turns out, that frou frou shoulder decoration was a flower with fur leaves. I repeat: FUR LEAVES.

I wore it as-is once, and could not quite get past the sensation that I was wearing stuffed animals on my chest. It felt more like taxidermy than fashion. So I took the manicure scissors to it. The flower now has two less leaves, and Genevieve and Juliette have happily added two new creatures to their collection.

I mean, really.

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