Take 12/2013: January

My finished Take Twelve 2012 project arrived in the mail today. I am so glad I did this. I am a little sad that I don't use my real camera much these days, but I am even more grateful that we at least have lots of snapshots of our days.

On to Take Twelve 2013! I got off to a rocky start. I'm Facebook-free on weekends for the foreseeable future and accordingly, I didn't run into any reminders about the project, and didn't take any pictures. And this, after having been so good throughout 2012! Oh well. It's take twelve around the twelfth.

I preached, baptized four children, and taught a writing workshop on Sunday morning. I read a wonderful excerpt from Anne Tyler's Saint Maybe to open our workshop time; it's anthologized in this collection.
We moved our furniture, and despite my irrational fear of putting the couch in the middle of the room, it's working out really well. (Thanks, Aunt Lisa! Good suggestion.)
One of my favorite things about nursing: the sleepy nursing eyes. I like documenting that we are still happily nursing.

Funny faces for the camera!

Waking up from his Sunday afternoon nap.

Little girls in Hannah Anderson dresses from their grandparents. 

I made chocolate chip cookies. But what I like even more about this picture is how many gifts from beloved family and friends are pictured here.

There was a Prayer Pails project at church - each night we pull one of the prayer sticks out of the pail to pray - there are pre-written grace prayers, and our additions of family and friends.

Suuuuuper cute baby 
Wonderful children's book from our friend Karen.

I celebrated my first Monday afternoon off by taking Genevieve to the antique mall. I really, really want this charming little table for our living room. The side cabinets open up for storage. 

I love this picture, and it immediately made me think of Pat, the church member in California who always brought us soup.

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