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I'm joining HopefulLeigh's What I'm Into link-up to celebrate the fact that I actually got to meet Leigh last Sunday. She came to church with me, and out for brunch afterword at Prasino. She's completely lovely, as you would expect from her writing.

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I just started Unfinished Desires by Gail Godwin. Her prose is so good. I'm also reading MaryAnn McKibben Dana's Sabbath in the Suburbs, slowly but surely. It's one to savor.

I'm pretty sure I've completely abandoned Jonathan Franzen's Corrections. I'm halfway through and while it is certainly a well-written book, I just don't have it in me to read depressing books right now. That book is aggressively depressing.

Online Reading
Who isn't into Addie Zierman these days? Her OneWord365 post took my breath away.

This piece by Garry Wills connecting the gun culture in the United States with the idolatry of Moloch is chilling.

As it turns out, the mom who was on the infamous Time cover is brilliant and passionate and altogether up my alley. I've enjoyed following Jamie Lynne Grumet on her blog and Facebook, and particularly loved her post sharing several images of Maria Lactans - Mary breastfeeding Jesus. 

When Ben had his appendectomy on Christmas Eve, my parents more or less leapt in the car and drove here as quickly as they could so that we could still have a relatively normal Christmas. But with such an unplanned trip they couldn't really stick around very long, so they left after lunch on Christmas Day. I really had a hard time with them leaving this time. It's always hard to say goodbye, but perhaps especially so given the circumstances. I really, really missed them. After a day of moping, I got the bright idea to download one of my very favorite albums of all time, The Best of Manhattan Transfer. I don't know why I've never gotten this before, as it was the soundtrack of my childhood. Every single song takes me back. It was just what the doctor ordered for a grown-up girl missing her Mama and Daddy.

My favorite Christmas music discovery of the year was Beta Radio, which I downloaded for free on Noisetrade. Their version of O Holy Night is perfect.

Steve Thorngate has been sharing Americana liturgical music that is, like, so totally my aesthetic and theology I can hardly bear it. I particularly love the Epiphany one. It's a romp!

Speaking of Epiphany...
A friend and church member left these on my doorstep last week. I just adore them.

I'm continuing to love most of our Fresh 20 meals. I feel like I'm getting cooking lessons, and even the dishes we aren't crazy about are still fine to eat once. I also restocked our refrigerator with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit for some breakfast juicing and general whole foods eating; while I don't have the time or energy to juice fast my breakfast every day, I feel remarkably better on the days that I do.

I'm doing reasonably well with my year-long fast from purchasing new clothes; aside from some exercise clothes, I've only bought one new dress for Lisa's wedding. I napped a couple winter basics from the local Goodwill last month, but my big thrift triumph was on eBay, where I bought two Anthropologie sweaters on the cheap. One even had the tags on it - originally $110, and I paid $30 including shipping. VICTORY.
I love funky Anthropologie sweaters. Especially when I get 'em for cheap.

Ben and I saw and thoroughly enjoyed The Silver Linings Playbook. It's a great script and even greater actors - and that is not something I ever thought I'd think about Bradley Cooper.

We are also finally watching Downton Abbey and OH MY GOODNESS IT IS EVERY BIT AS AMAZING AS EVERYONE SAYS YOU SHOULD STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. We're on season one, so we won't be caught up before season three starts on Sunday.

I continue to be a total Parenthood groupie.

I loved the most recent installment of the St. Paul's Arts and Media Christmas storytelling. It's not quite as extraordinary as their film from last year, but it is still pretty grand.


Having a Cat
I'm not 100% sure I'm into having a cat yet, but we do in fact have one. Her name is Mitzi and we adopted her on a whim. We had a very rocky start. The instructions to "leave your cat alone until she feels comfortable" and "squirt this syringe of antibiotics in your cat's mouth twice a day" are profoundly mutually exclusive. After she bit me on Christmas morning, the shelter offered to take her back until she was done with her medication. She came home again yesterday, and this time we are assiduously following the "leave your cat alone until she feels comfortable" advice.

Head on over to Leigh's blog to find links to more "What I'm Into" posts. Thanks for reading!

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