Women in Ministry: Welcome!

Welcome to the new home for the Women in Ministry Series! I was very honored that Ed Cyzewski invited me to take on the series this year. This has been an important forum for women to bear testimony to their God-given callings, and I'm looking forward to reading more of these stories.

If you are new to the series, I encourage you to head over to Ed's blog and peruse the series archives. A great place to start would be his 2012 Highlights post.

One of my favorite posts from last year was Suzannah Paul's Ministry, Mentors, and Holy Imagination. She wrote,
Karen was the youth pastor my eighth grade year. Although I don’t recall a single talk she shared, I remember the journal she gave me before I left for high school. Reading the inscription, my heart grew two sizes, and I tucked away her affirmation for safekeeping and rainy days.  
My family moved. We didn’t keep in touch, but I carried with me a second gift, because I remember thinking at fourteen: I could do that–be a youth minister. I might even be good at it.  
So I did. And I was.
I love this passage, as I love her whole post, as it speaks to the incredible power of mentors in ministry. Suzannah could see herself in ministry because she saw Karen in ministry. And in turn, there are women who have discerned their own vocations on account of Suzannah's ministry.

I hope you'll pause today to give thanks to God for the Karens in your life. Or, for that matter, the Eds in your life - the men who affirmed your call to ministry. You might even take a moment to send a note of thanks to the people who have empowered you to be in ministry.

And, as you thank those Karens and Eds, please join me in also thanking the Ed at hand. Ed Cyzewski demonstrated great courage, vision, and faithfulness in creating this forum. Thank you.

About the Women in Ministry Series 
The Women in Ministry Series is a collection of guest posts that aims to:
Provide an alternative to the women in ministry debates by telling the stories of women in ministry. Encourage women to explore their God-given callings.

Contributions Welcome: Contact Katherine to pitch your post idea in 2-4 sentences. You can stay updated on the latest post each week by signing up for the weekly e-mail list.

Comment Policy: Everyone is welcome to leave a comment. However, this series takes for granted that women are called by God into every facet of ministry. This is not the place to debate that point and such comments will be removed. Women have been told “no” in far too many places. This is one place that is committed to saying “yes.” For more about the comment policy or submitting your own story, read here.

Next Week’s Blogger: Laura de Jong

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