It's been a busy week, and thus a quiet week here. I did just have two pieces published elsewhere.

"Enjoying the Tangled Boundaries," Fieldnotes Magazine:
Sometimes I don’t know when I’m working and when I’m not. I read biblical commentaries while I nurse my daughter. I engage in personal prayer as I prepare to lead corporate worship. I facilitate a small group at church for young mothers, and if you eavesdropped you might not guess that I’m the young mother who also happens to be one of the associate pastors. I wrote a spiritual memoir about my personal life that has created countless doorways for pastoral care.
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"I Thought the Sanctuary was too Beautiful to Sustain Such Grief," A Deeper Family:
The angled sunlight, though bright, did little to mitigate the chill. We were grateful for the long johns beneath our jeans as we waited with a small crowd for the 3:58 inbound train. I expected it to be full of people just like us: bundled-up mothers and children from the suburbs, equipped with markers and poster board and goldfish crackers, all traveling downtown for the rally. But the train was quiet – at least until we boarded with our menagerie of excited kids. When the train arrived in Union Station I realized that we were still the only group obviously headed to Daley Plaza.
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