Five on Friday

1. I had an extrovert's dream of a day: Moms in Faith in the morning, lunch with Juliette, a chatty cashier at Trader Joe's, a playdate with some of our friends from dance (admittedly, as much of a playdate for the moms as for the kids), and dinner out with Ben and another couple. But maybe I'm a bit introverted, too, as I've been up by myself for hours, enjoying the company of my lovely cats.

2. Earlier this week I completed a laborious process to install a Facebook comments plug-in - I had temporarily opened my blog to unregistered commenters since I hear complaints about the user-unfriendliness of the Blogger comment box, and was drowning in spam. The Facebook plug-in was buggy and aesthetically icky, so I deleted it and added in the far easier Disqus system. We'll see.

3. Sometimes I feel like I'm laughably predictable: it was only a matter of time until I got into aromatherapy and essential oils, right? I mean, surely you saw that coming a mile away. I learned more about them through the Designed for Wellness group that I'm facilitating at church, and I'm hooked. We had some lavender oil in our medicine cabinet that I pulled out the other day. Tonight before the girls went to sleep I rubbed it onto their feet. It seemed to particularly calm Genevieve.

4. This picture of Juliette from September 2009 is one of my very favorites. It was taken on her first day of Montessori pre-school. She was wildly excited to go. This is pretty much the same expression she gets whenever anything excites her, and I have no doubt it will reappear on the first day of kindergarten. I can also hardly believe this tiny baby is now five entire years old.

5. I wrote a piece for Fieldnotes Magazine that I'm particularly proud of, laying out my disagreement with a recent Craig Barnes article in the Christian Century that impugned pastor/parishioner friendships. It generated some great discussion on Facebook. I don't think my approach is necessarily right in every context, but I think it works very well in my context.

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