OneWord365: February

The word I chose for my One Word 365 project was ADVOCATE. I wrote about that here.

I overheard a shout-out on Twitter for a check in - a way of keeping one another accountable to the words that we've chosen to shape our days.

The word - and the practice - have been very much a part of my days.

  • I've been working with church members to establish Shalom Seekers, a congregation-based group to advocate for stronger gun laws.
  • I learned that it's not savvy to say "gun control" and have been practicing saying "stronger gun laws."
  • I attended the One Million Moms for Gun Control (apparently they didn't get the memo before they named themselves...) rally in downtown Chicago with a big group from Western Springs - people from church as well as people from the community who have been organizing. It was sobering. More on that soon.

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