Ten on Tuesday

1. The weirdest thing has happened since our epic return to the Midwest: I am actually loving winter. I used to despise winter, hence the desire to hotfoot it to Southern California. I thought the novelty would wear off after the first year or two, but it hasn't. I am looking forward to spring, but that's half the fun. The other half of the fun is making snowmen and snow angels with Juliette. The snowfall today was absolutely beautiful and just the right kind for playing.

2. It's probably time for another public service announcement about the Snow Wolf.

No, not that snow wolf, silly. This Snow Wolf:

This thing is amazing. Instead of lifting a traditional snow shovel, you push or pop it off the wheeled shovel. It is especially good for bad backs and people who do not mind the neighbors giving you funny looks. That is, until they realize how fast you're clearing the driveway. It's on sale right now at good old Amazon.

3. Word up to the Blogger bloggers: SWITCH YOUR COMMENT SYSTEM TO DISQUS. 

4. I presented an Adult Education Seminar on Sunday about atonement theology. It's been several years since I've read or taught on the theories themselves, outside the context of preaching. I mostly used some materials that I'd compiled for a teaching event years and years ago, and I realized a little too late in the week that I need to update my notes before I do this again. I made mistakes in seminary that I don't think I would make now, like allowing people who disagree with certain theologies to be the ones who define them. Instead of handing out yellow dittos, I dumped my old notes into a slinkster-cool Prezi presentation:

The only things I added to my old notes were the YouTube video and that great graphic about Girardian theory. I've always thought mimetic theory was crazy hard to synthesize and teach, and here's this brilliant cartoon.

5. Bromleigh wrote an excellent critique of that Oscar night Onion tweet.

6. There's a wonderful new blogger on the interwebs: The Little Minister, a member of our church who is a freshman at William and Mary. Every post is smart and witty and faithful and really, really funny. My favorite post so far was about her love of Anabaptism. She writes,
I finished Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy the other day in the car on the way to New York, and everyone traveling with me quickly realized that I really like the Amish. You'd be surprised just how many times I managed to fit them into conversation. A friend and I were conducting a massive critique of Twilight on our way into Manhattan (we were brutal), and I even fit the Amish in with Twilight (can't quite remember how, though).
I don't know, something about managing to fit the Amish into one's Twilight-skewering is just extremely funny to me. And of course I relate, because when I was in college I managed to fit the Quakers into just about every conversation I had.

7. Genevieve continues to be a source of sweetness, hilarity, and an impressive amount of mischief. She says all kinds of words with astounding clarity, but refuses to say "Juliette." We are on a new plan to remove and ignore when she engages in her rottenest behaviors. And when I mean rotten, I mean stuff like The Game Where I Smack My Sister in the Head Really Hard, Repeatedly. No more feeding the attention seeking behavior!

8. I totally get how people end up blogging excessively about their cats. I adore Paris and Hennessy.

9. I am embarrassingly proud of my licketysplit reading skills.

10.  My Open Letter to my Evangelical Friends post has been read way more than most of my posts, thanks to some links in high places. I'm really glad the message is getting out there. I'm actually making some new evangelical friends on account of it!

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