I miss my blog. Hello, blog.

1. I took this picture last week. At first I was really disappointed with the photo shoot, as I am pretty sad about how few good pictures I have of Genevieve. Ever since she was a baby she's always turned her head when she smiles. It's adorable, but hard to capture on film (so to speak). But I've sort of fallen in love with what I did capture here. Something really essential about who they are, as little girls and as sisters.

2. I'm going to CrossWalk Chicago tomorrow night. If you're in the Chicago area, please consider joining me.

3. We made a big list of Genevieve's words this week, and stopped counting after we hit 100.

4. Someone in a Facebook Group I'm in posted a glowing recommendation of Any Day a Beautiful Change this week, resulting in the first slew of sales that cannot be traced to my mother in a long time.

5. Rage Against the Minivan: Let's Bring the Holidays Down a Notch. YES, LET'S.

6. We have new plates! I found two boxes of Hearthside Garden Festival Stoneware for twenty dollars at a local thrift store. So super-fabulously 70s. I do need to track down a few more bowls.

7. Having a five-year-old is so much fun. I am nostalgic for the Juliette of yesteryear, but getting to do things like play Uno together is pretty cool. 

8. The poor sick baby loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle.

9. It is slowly becoming triathlon-training season again. I signed up for the spring swim session at the high school, Nothing like swimming a whole bunch of drills and laps at 5:30 in the morning! I refuse to ride my bike until it is at least 50, and we haven't even hit 40 yet. It's been a long winter.

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