Ten on Tuesday

1. We went to the Evanston Public Library yesterday, just for kicks. It's a good hour's drive, but well worth it. It was fun to see a new part of Chicagoland, and I love visiting libraries. We hit the Western Springs library today and now I'm hoping we can keep it up throughout the week. Not quite a warm beach vacation, but Spring Break/ Holy Week Library Tour 2013 isn't too shabby.

2. My friend Suzanne had created her own beautiful rendering of the equality symbol, so I was duly inspired to borrow one of Juliette's markers. I wait and hope.

3. The bible study I lead at church has been studying John all year. We move really slowly, having great conversations along the way. We're enjoying the John for Everyone study by N.T. Wright - it's a far better resource than the derivative study guide we started out using. When we finish in late May, I'll have read two of the four gospels this year. I'm thinking that I should read Luke and Matthew in the months to come, in preparation for my Jesus Year - I'm turning 33 on July 13th.

4. Josh Garrels is giving away his entire discography on Noisetrade, in support of World Vision, but I'm pretty sure the deal ends tomorrow.

5. I'm reading Cheryl Strayed's Wild. I'm entertained by it, I guess, but I'm not especially liking it. There is a line in the book that struck me as so strange and poorly conceived that I'm still pondering it, chapters later.

6. We have a cabinet right by our door, and it is, unfortunately, a bit of a catch-all. The good thing is that it (mostly) saves our kitchen counters from being catch-alls, but it nevertheless gets out of hand. I had a vague notion that there was probably some valuable stuff mixed in with all the plastic barrettes and expired coupons, as well as a specific hunch that our Costco rebate was buried in there somewhere. So, today I pulled every last item out of my side of the cabinet, and started sorting. I did indeed find not one but two Costco rebates worth more than $30, both still thankfully valid. I also found the weirdest, most inexplicable thing: two homeowner's policy renewal letters. Um, what now? Apparently when Ben changed our policy last year, the cancellation didn't go through. I manage all our bills through automatic billpay, and since we still had an auto insurance policy with this company, I didn't think to double-check the amount. We have been paying for two homeowner's insurance policies for the last year. I called the company in a panic but was assured that all I have to do is fax the proof of the other policy over and we will be refunded from that date. Finding a five dollar bill in my spring jacket is enough to make me rejoice; I essentially found $830 in our junk drawer this morning.


And, also, we probably need to up our communication about domestic management issues. But nevertheless: BOOYAH.

7. When I type "booyah" on my iPad, it autocorrects to BOOYAH. As well it should.

8. As one who married on her twenty-second birthday, I thoroughly appreciated this piece by Karen Swallow Prior about marrying young. I particularly like the idea of approaching marriage as the cornerstone of one's adulthood, not as the capstone. It's not prescriptive, though - just a nice counterbalance to the prevailing wisdom that youthfulness is detrimental to matrimony.

9. One of the reasons I wanted to get a cat (or, you know, cats, as it turned out):
The other reason is purring in my lap right now.

10. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed - okay, a lot overwhelmed - by all the Horrible Things lately. There are so many Horrible Things. I felt such grief at Crosswalk, especially as we made the final leg of the journey to Cook County Hospital where so many people are rushed with gunshot wounds. It is hard to find hope. I'm yearning for resurrection. This afternoon I listened to the Innocence Mission version of "What a Wonderful World." Karen Paris sings it so sorrowfully, and that seems just right.


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