Ten on Tuesday, Thursday Edition

I was going to write a Ten on Tuesday, and then, well, you know. It's been a week.

1. I pine for the golden era in which my back only went out every other year or so. I'm up to roughly quarterly. This is not good. What is good is that I finally know how to knock it out quickly: a muscle relaxant and a prescription painkiller. That said, this method also knocks me out; I sleep a ton, and then walk around feeling totally groggy for the next day. I have absolutely no concept of how anyone could take prescription painkillers recreationally. So very unpleasant.

2. I'll write more about my trip to Springfield for Advocacy Day at some point, but for now, given how deeply disappointed I am about the infuriating setbacks in the campaign for common sense gun legislation, let's just look at the pretty ceiling of the capitol building.

3. I think I might write a fuller review at some point, but for now I'll just say that I'm disappointed with the Spark Story Bible. My main beef is aesthetic; it is neither beautifully written nor beautifully illustrated. Juliette likes it, but I don't think it will grow with her the way the Jesus Storybook Bible can.

4. Speaking of Jesusy children's books, my last contribution to A Deeper Family was a list of our favorites.

5. Speaking of contributions, I had the honor and delight of writing a guest post for Simple Mom. Simple Mom is my favorite and best website, and I'm a total fangirl about Tsh Oxenreider, so this was hugely exciting for me. And, I liked the piece I wrote, a basic introduction to Lectio Divina.

6. Also speaking of contributions, I have two pieces in the current issue of the Christian Century. I wrote a brief reflection on the books I read for preaching, and a nice big fat review of Rachel Srubas's The Girl Got Up and Glennon Doyle Melton's Carry On, Warrior. The review isn't posted yet, and may well be subscription-only.

7. When my mama was here a couple weeks ago, we visited the Ernest Hemmingway museum, which includes the Oak Park house where he was born. Juliette came along, and only once during the seventy-minute extremely detailed tour of the house did she quietly whisper, "When is this going to be over?"

8. Our church rummage sale - which happens twice a year! - is mind-bogglingly enormous. They broke the sales record this year, raking in $38,000. There's only about six hours of shopping. Proceeds support all sorts of wonderful ministries, locally and globally. And, though the sale just ended last night at eight 'o clock, you would hardly know this morning.

9. I also mean to go back and write more about The Great Library Extravaganza of Spring Break 2013, but for now, one shot from the utterly wonderful Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook. This sign hangs in the well-appointed craft area.

10. This page of I Wanted to Know All About God took my breath away. I miss my grandmothers.

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