Ten on Tuesday

1. It is SPRING. Among other things, this means we have a ton of yard work to do. We haven't really known how best to care for our landscaping, so we have overgrown roses and errant buckthorns everywhere. We made the excellent decision to bring a professional - a landscaping designer who spent an hour walking through our yard telling us what to do and how to do it. It was an investment, but we've already saved so much money by doing necessary things ourselves. For instance, we pruned this previously ludicrous crab into a beautiful tree fit for climbing. I'll have to take another picture tomorrow because it is blooming gorgeous right now.

2. Juliette got to visit her kindergarten class today. It was a very sweet and well-organized event. The current kindergarteners filed into the gymnasium and were each to approach an incoming kindergartener and invite them to kindergarten, and then be their buddy while they went off to explore the classroom. Not one but two boys from church made mad dashes for Juliette. After a brief moment in which one of the boys looked mighty crestfallen, it was decided that Juliette could have two buddies.

We are totally in for it.

Juliette loved every minute of the whole experience. She doesn't have an iota of self-consciousness or anxiety, just pure excitement and openness.

3. It was very fun to see this graphic pop up in my Facebook feed. I read this and thought - among other things - "Gee, he must have had a great Speech and Debate coach!" And indeed he did: my very own sister Elizabeth.

4. I'm reading The Art of Fielding. I love baseball novels more than I love baseball.

5. Practicing Families, which is a fantastic resource for holistic, home-based spirituality, just posted a downright glowing review of Any Day a Beautiful Change

6. On the way home from church today, Juliette and I decided to take the long way and ride our bikes through the underpass rather than cross the tracks during rush hour. As we were coming through the tunnel a woman on the other side was shushing us and pointing up. It turns out there is a fox hole on the hill over the underpass, and a baby fox was poking its head up. We clambered off our bikes and watched him come out all the way, looking right at all the people who had gathered to see him. When a dog barked he jumped back in the hole. It was by far the closest I've ever been to a fox, and the only baby fox I've ever seen. Amazing. I wish I'd thought to take a picture but I was just too mesmerized. 

7. The reason we were leaving church so late was entirely unexpected and entirely infuriating. You may have heard of the Willis Sister Crazy Consumer Gene. If you ever wish to see this familial condition in action, by all means: WRONGFULLY SEND ME TO COLLECTIONS. No, seriously. Lose a payment, inexplicably hold another to the start of the next month so that two months go by without a payment posting, and then send a collections agency after me without so much as giving me a singular warning. YOU WILL SEE MY WRATH. I have literally spent hours sorting all this out, between the wildly incompetent medical billing office and the enormously helpful Bank of America Online Billpay team. I know we're supposed to hate Bank of America, evil big corporation, etc., but they have been so very helpful in vindicating my good name. They faxed the proof of payment not once but twice, since the incompetent billing department gave the wrong fax number the first time. 

It's a good thing I have naturally low blood pressure. Hmph. 

8. Thanks to this helpful tutorial from Tsh Oxenreider, I've settled on Feedly as my post-Google Reader RSS service. I like it, quite a bit more than Flipboard and The Old Reader, the other ones I tried. The app is even better than the desktop version, and I almost never use apps (except, of course, for my beloved instagram. 

9. Speaking of Instagram and cellphone/tablet photography: Do check out the class Elizabeth has coordinated through Big Picture. It looks soooooo cool. (Make sure you watch the video.)

10. And this one. Oh, this one. 
100% dickens, 100% sweet as could be. 

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