Ten on Tuesday

1. The Kindle version of Any Day a Beautiful Change is on sale for $2.99 until May 17th. If you're so inclined to spread the word about that, I'd be much obliged.

2. I got my hair chopped yesterday, after showing the stylist (a former professional soccer player and current Crossfit trainer that I tipped a little ridiculously well) photographs of Carey Mulligan, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Michelle Williams. I thought it looked decent but my friends on Facebook made me feel like a million bucks with all the compliments. Maybe I didn't tip him so ridiculously after all. ;-)

3. I had to make a quick dinner tonight, and whipped together a meal so delicious I later googled it only to discover that it's something Alice Waters does, too. Whole wheat pasta mixed with rainbow chard that was sauteed in olive oil and garlic and braised in broth, a couple big chunks of herbed goat cheese melted into the hot pasta, plus salt and pepper to taste. Of course I'm the only one who ate that, because I'm the only one who likes cooked greens and the girls eat their noodles dry with grated parmesan. Whatever. I've mastered the art of making variations of a theme.

4. Even though I was working in my office all day I was still able to enjoy the beautiful day through my open window. The girls stopped to say hello after school. 

6. Someone anonymously left a Derby Pie in the church parlor today. I had no idea what Derby Pie even is, but I found out: my favorite.

7. Ben and Juliette went to Ohio for the Jawbone Poetry Festival and May 4th Commemoration. It's my very favorite weekend to be in Kent, but I couldn't swing the trip this time. That said, I'm so glad that Genevieve and I had a weekend together. I hadn't realized how very little time we've spent together on our own. It was great. As it turns out, when she's not reacting to her big sister she is considerably less of a stinker. She did ask a few times "Where Daddy is? Where Ette is?", but for the most part I think she was just as happy to have uninterrupted Mama time.

8. Pop beads get an A+ from the Pershey family.
9. Elizabeth shared this picture of Gracie with the fish she caught on Facebook. (That sentence is really bothering me. The picture was shared on Facebook; the fish was not caught on Facebook.) Anyway, I laughed out loud and immediately thought: wouldn't it be funny to prank-tag someone as the fish? I commented accordingly. And wouldn't you know it, Elizabeth tagged the fish as yours truly. I guess I did sort of ask for it.

10. Don't forget to write about a beautiful change in your life and link-up here! You can join in anytime during the month of May. If you participated last year, all the better - you get to write about a different one. That's the thing about beautiful changes; when you start looking for them, they pop up where you least expect them.

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