A Metaphor for Preaching

This morning in our sermon-writing workshop, Lauren Winner gave us butcher paper and markers and asked us to draw - in more than 45 seconds but less than an hour, which ended up being roughly five minutes - the relationship between the preacher, the scriptures, the congregation, and God.

This is my drawing:

It's a bit fuzzy, but the gist is this: the disco ball - multifaceted, illuminating, central - is the scriptural text. (To my surprise, Lauren guessed this before I said so. Did you guess that, too?) The people are dancing. The preacher is among them, dancing with her congregation, but she also serves as the DJ, her iPod in hand. (Why is she the DJ? Perhaps she simply has especially good taste in music and the ability to know just the right song to play next to keep the dance party going.) And the whole thing is happening in God. (Unfortunately in this snapshot you can't see the entire line encircling the scene that is meant to represent this... maybe that means something, too.)

It was a fun exercise, particularly to see all the different drawings together. 

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