First Day of Kindergarten... and Oh Yeah, We Have a Two-Year-Old

Today was the big day. It may have been Juliette's fifth first day of school - Montessori in California plus three years of First Congo preschool (as well as one concurrent year at another local full-day preschool, so I guess she's technically had six first days of school). But Kindergarten is clearly a whole different ballpark.

I got a teensy bit weepy when her wonderful teacher came out to call us into the school, but otherwise I'm just riding the wave of Juliette's endless enthusiasm.

I also had a twinge of sadness that there won't be anymore Johnny Appleseed or "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food" before snack time. Which is not to say I'm for mixing church and state; I'm not. It's just a big transition for Juliette to go from having her church life and school life completely integrated to having them completely segregated.

I digress.

(I could also digress about how very much I disliked elementary school, and how the first time I walked into the gym at Juliette's new school I had to shake off the bad flashbacks and had similar anxiety walking into the Kindergarten room today, but I won't.)

So, my dear mother had taken Juliette shopping for an outfit in Ohio. According to Grandma, the first outfit Juliette picked out was really gaudy, so she was very pleased they happened upon this one (that is not at all even a little bit gaudy in the slightest). Ha.

You really don't get the full effect of the super blingy Hello Kitty shirt, nor the pink tulle underskirt that peeks out from the hot pink plaid skirt. Gosh, am I glad they didn't go for the gaudy outfit!

It is so Juliette.

This child didn't have an ounce of trepidation.

 Genevieve was happy to see "Ette" (as she is affectionally called by the resident two-year-old) after school.

"Gen" (as she is called by the resident five-and-a-half-year-old) never had proper birthday pictures. So here you go, our curly-hair towhead of a dickens.

 Genevieve is a handful these days, so it is a really good thing she is so cute, and so sweet when she feels like it!

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