Ten on Tuesday: Summer 2013 Edition

Juliette has her first day of kindergarten tomorrow. You can just read this for a glimpse of how I feel about that

Before we dive headlong into the fall, I want to celebrate some of the highlights of the summer. 

1. Sadly, I don't have any photographs of one of the biggest elements of our summer: the pool, which we decided to join even though it is wildly expensive. We went quite a bit, usually at the end of the day since it was so much easier to go all together. Even though Juliette only had one and a half sessions of swim lessons, due to our travel plans, she went from being afraid to put her head underwater at the beginning of the season to jumping off the diving board. Genevieve loved it, too. 

2. The triathlon feels like such a long time ago, but it was definitely a highlight of the summer. I love these fierce and fabulous women so much. I'm taking a bye year next year - it's one thing to miss a Sunday, but it's quite another to miss Pentecost Sunday. But, I'm going to set aside the cost of the race to start saving up for a road bike. I refuse to do it on a mountain bike again!

3. I already mentioned it in my Glen East Workshop recap, but the Over the Rhine concert was so very good. I have been listening to Meet Me At the Edge of the World on repeat ever since it arrived.

4. We had a wonderful, simple, festive Fourth of July potluck picnic dinner with our neighbors and some other friends from church. I made a bunch of corn on the cob. This was the fateful night I learned that one of our neighbors has the same rather unusual karaoke specialty as I do. I do not think either of us saw this coming.

5. One night in July, Juliette was having a really hard time getting to sleep... so we snuck out of her bedroom and painted our toenails.
 6. Six is a long entry, because it was a big highlight. We drove a really, really, really long way to Florida and back, for a few days at the beach, a day at Disney World, and General Assembly.

This South Carolina BBQ was amazing. As was the BBQ we had in Vienna, Georgia (pronounced Vye-anna) on the way back. There's a story behind that one, but it's better told in person.

And here you get to see our traveling companions - the delightful Heidi and Adam. They made a road trip to Florida with small children possible. We had a blast switching up drivers and passengers in our little caravan of Honda Fits. Heidi even wrote about some of our (mis)adventures in a wonderful sermon. (Did you know that you cannot get pancakes at a Waffle House?)

Family photo in Florida... I played with fancy photo filters to while away the hours on the trip home.

BIG highlight: the Magic Kingdom. I do not consider myself a "Disney person," but we had a remarkably great time - thanks in large part to our Disney companions, Karen and Codyanne.

(The secret to everything is always bring along two extra adults who love your children.)

Karen bought the girls hats, which they just love.

The day we were at Disney was my thirty-third, birthday, and our eleventh anniversary.

This had to be the best moment of the day: Juliette absolutely transfixed by the show at the castle, despite the blazing hot weather. Everyone else cowered in the shade, but we stayed until the last character was out of site. 

7. Lee!

8. I did a fairly successful booksigning at General Assembly. The family stopped by toward the end.

 9. This girl.

10. And this girl, the kindergartener-as-of-tomorrow.

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