Ten on (It's Been a Long Time Since I've Had Time to Blog on) Tuesday

1. Big news: Ben has returned to the workforce! It's been really wonderful for him to be a full time stay-at-home-father for the last two years, but we had started thinking at the beginning of the summer that he should probably start looking for a part time job this fall. Well, a part time job found him. While we were in Florida, he was contacted and invited to apply for an utterly perfect position. He is working as a case manager for an excellent non-profit organization that is a mere mile away. He'll be doing supported employment and job development, something he's become pretty passionate about during his years of working in social services. We are thrilled.

2. More big news: Genevieve had her first day of "school" this week! She isn't old enough for preschool at church, but they accept two-year-olds into the Kids Day Out program. So she's there once a week, which is a big help with Ben's new schedule. They were a little worried since she's the youngest in the class, but by all accounts she did great on her first day.
anybody recognize this outfit?

3. I just submitted my review of Consider the Birds: A Provocative Guide to the Birds of the Bible by Debbie Blue to the Christian Century; it will be in an issue coming up. I won't say too much, but I will say this: read that book. It's amazing. Even if you don't think you like birds.

4. Yesterday I went on a crazy big shopping spree: a Converse All Star shirt, a J Crew shirt, two Banana Republic sweaters, a Lands End Canvas sweater, a Liz Claiborne sweater, a "Belle" Disney princess dress, and a fancy flapper dance leotard that has sequins and fringe. (The princess dress and leotard are Juliette-sized; everything else was for me.) The grand total of my shopping spree? $34.08. However did I buy all of that for less than half the cost of a single full-priced Banana Republic sweater? GOODWILL, BABY. I had a 25% coupon they gave me the last time I made a donation. I'm pretty much ruined for regular stores at this point.

5. Tsh Oxenreider wrote a clear and compassionate article that outlines the history of Syria. There are a lot of helpful articles going around about the current crisis there, so I appreciated the opportunity to learn more background. If you don't follow Tsh's Intellectual Grownup series, you should.

6. I am pinching myself that I will have a chapter in Cathleen Falsani and Jennifer Grant's Disquiet Time: A Devotional for Ordinary Skeptics, due out from Jericho Books in 2014. I just turned in my revisions yesterday - it's really happening. I have loved every book that I've read from Jericho, so it's wildly exciting to be included in one of their offerings.

7. The other night we had a rare opportunity to watch a something - I literally did not watch a single television show all summer. We watched The Giant Mechanical Man, and we both liked it a lot. It was ever-so-slightly predictable, but well-written and sweet.

8. I'm running the Akron Half Marathon in three weeks! Ack! I ran eleven miles today and you know what? Running eleven miles is hard. But, I'm running with my sister Marie on the anniversary of when she was so sick she couldn't get up off the couch (and indeed, spent two weeks in the hospital). I can't think of a better way to celebrate.

9. Last weekend while Ben was off canoeing in the Boundary Waters with the church men's group, my dear friend Anna and her family came to visit. It was delightful, as it always is when we have an opportunity to get our families together.

my mother would have been saying "don't fool!"

 10. The next time I have a chance, I'm going to write a post about a tradition that has previously been censored out of this family-friendly blog, but has recently been declassified. Stay tuned, it's hilarious.

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