Covenant Hymn

I wrote a hymn last week that, while somewhat specific to our congregation, could plausibly be sung elsewhere. It refers to the symbolism of our church logo, a stained glass emblem. We explain its meaning during worship when new members join.

The cross embracing the world symbolizes that the saving grace of Christ is for all people. In the fields of the cross are: the ship, representing the shared journey of our faith; the Bible, which is the sacred text of our faith; the chalice, which recalls the nourishing sacraments of our faith; and the open space, which signifies our receptivity to the truth yet to be revealed by God.

Covenant Hymn sings well to Beethoven's Ode to Joy; it was truly a joy to hear the congregation sing it this morning.

As always, this work is licensed through Creative Commons; you may freely use if you properly attribute. 

Covenant Hymn
(Words, Pershey; Tune, ODE TO JOY)

Symbols of our faith surround us: flame and font and bread and wine,
Pointing to the hope that's found us, shedding light on love's design.
Here we worship as God's people, here we gather in God's name.
Sheltered underneath a steeple, hearts affixed on sacred aim.

At the center of our story is a world redeemed by grace.
Crucified yet raised in glory, Christ reveals God’s loving face.
Word of God: inspired, inspiring! Cup of grace: so freely poured!
Church in covenant, aspiring to be faithful to our Lord.

Humbly knowing our unknowing, darkly through a glass we gaze.
Certainty we are forgoing, Holy Mystery we praise.
God has more truth, God has more light yet to break forth by and by.
Nothing short of pure delight shall be our everlasting cry.

Honoring our Savior’s teaching, toward a hurting world we turn,
Hands and feet of Christ outreaching in compassion and concern.
Seeking justice, loving neighbors, serving God by serving all.
Sharing in these blessed labors is our congregation’s call.

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Covenant Hymn by Katherine Willis Pershey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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