The Best Moment of the Year 2013

Oddly enough, the best moment of the year 2013 happened in a notably gross and smelly gas station bathroom somewhere in the South, while we were on our road trip to General Assembly, Disneyland, and the beach.

Genevieve needed (another) diaper change, necessitating an unplanned stop at the aforementioned gross and smelly gas station bathroom. We were just finishing up and washing our hands when a woman walked out of one of the stalls and joined us at the sink. She looked at me and said, "You speak to that child so kindly."

I don't always speak kindly to my children, but I usually do. It's probably one of the central tenets of my parenting philosophy: speak kindly to the kids. It made my day - my year, even - for a stranger to go out of her way to commend my gentleness in that moment.

(The runner up for best moment of the year, lifted from my Facebook post about it: I admit: I got a little nervous when Juliette announced at dinner that she had told her kindergarten class that I'm really awesome at "you know what." Uh.... no, Juliette, WHAT?! As it turns out, she was boasting about my mad skills at buttering and salting baked potatoes. Of all the things to merit mention at Show and Tell!)

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