Emergency Photo Shoot

I pulled out some photographs this morning so I could frame a few to put on our new-to-us piano (!!!). After a few minutes of sorting through the envelopes, I started to feel a little panicky. How can I, a youngest child, have done such a shoddy job of properly photographing my younger daughter? Granted, there are about eight hundred snapshots of her on Instagram, but I've learned that the iPad camera is such low resolution those don't print well at all. We had an emergency photo shoot this morning to try to remedy the grossly unequal ratio of Juliette: Genevieve photos.

This is how we little sisters feel about getting the short end of the stick.

But, it's okay. We're resilient.

Sweet Genevieve.

One must have a lot of personality to keep up with Juliette. It's a good thing this one has loads of it.

Ah, much better. We turned that frown upside down.

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