Six Spots I Like in Our House

I've been doing what I do best in the first few days of the new year, which is to say I've been tearing the house apart in an attempt to wrest a bit more functionality out of it, and infuse it with a touch more style. I've made Ben move furniture around in the living room so many times I've lost count (he, on the other hand, probably hasn't). I continue to dearly love the house we bought right before Genevieve was born. It is just right for us, even as it's still a work in progress. Here are six spots in our house that I like a great deal.

1. The living room has been the toughest space to figure out, but we've finally hit upon a setup that works reasonably well. It helps that we inherited two lamps that have allowed us to stop using the overly bright recessed ceiling lights. I'm especially fond of this Adele poster, for a concert in Los Angeles. People always ask if we attended the concert... nope. And honestly, I like Adele but I'm not a superfan. I just like the artwork. (I also like the small child dancing with her beloved second-hand American Girl Doll.)

2. I've had my parents' old telephone table for several years now, since we were in California. My mom recently reupholstered it in cute flowery fabric, and I just added the rotary telephone I used in high school. I thought it was so retro cool... still do.

3. Elizabeth made these for the girls - art made with our grandmother's buttons! And who doesn't love a reading gargoyle? (I'm only a little terrified of it since encountering the Weeping Angels on Dr. Who.)

4. We recently purchased a used bedroom furniture set on Craigslist - according to the owner, she and her husband bought it from a decorator when they were newlyweds in the 1960s; it came from Merchandise Mart in Chicago. To say this is an improvement upon our broken-down Ikea dressers is a vast understatement. I'm also still smitten with our wooden doors.

5. I decided to leave the pennant Elizabeth gave us for Christmas last year up through the rest of the winter - it's wintery without being explicitly Christmassy, and it makes this wall so much cheerier. Our Clinton Reno/ Over the Rhine posters are still among my very favorite items. The photograph of the yellow field came from Marie this Christmas. The roll-top desk belonged to my grandmother. It's not extremely high quality furniture and is a bit beaten-up, so I'm eventually going to paint it and give it new drawer pulls.

6. Ah, my hanging pots. How I love a good collection of hanging pots! The pottery atop is special, too - one of my oldest friends, Rebecca, made the pitcher and bowl on the left in a pottery class, and Lara gave us the bowl and cups set when she blessed Juliette. My blue Santa stays on the ledge most of the year, along with pictures of my mother and Ben's mother, and a collage made by a church friend.

This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types.

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