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I miss blogging.

I miss having the margin in my life to sit down and write about whatever I wanted to write about.

There hasn't been much margin lately. Now that we're both working days, our days have a more frenetic quality to them. No two weekdays are the same for childcare arrangements or work hours. We have a new policy that on days where they go to school or to babysitters in the morning, the girls have to change out of their pajamas before breakfast. Now, each morning after she wakes up, Juliette asks me if she gets to wear her pajamas to breakfast or not.

Not that they mind. Genevieve loves her new Montessori school, and Juliette is perfectly happy to go to our neighbors' house or tag along to work with me, which she does every Tuesday morning because I couldn't find anywhere else for her to go during that time slot. It's been lovely having her here, actually. It's quite different having a six-year-old hang out in your study than, say, a baby. And this is the end of an era since she'll be in full-day school next year.

The girls are just fine. And we're just fine. Ben has a great job doing meaningful work. His commute is twice as far as mine, making it a whopping one mile. We could have less margin than we do. And financially, we have more margin - last week when we had an unexpected plumbing bill (though really, can plumbing emergencies really be unexpected in a house that's more than eighty years old?), and I didn't panic, not even a little.

But I still wouldn't mind a little more margin. I still wouldn't mind a little more energy to live intentionally, a little less temptation to cut corners.

I just read Tsh Oxenreider's new book - releasing today - Notes from a Blue Bike. It's a wonderful book, as I fully expected. Years ago I told a friend that Tsh Oxenreider is my Internet Guru. I do a lot of things because I learned them from The Blog Formerly Known as Simple Mom. Her philosophy of life just resonates with me, and it was a joy to "ride along" as Tsh reflected on some of the practices that are most valuable to her and her family.

A lot of people are participating in the Blue Bike Blog Tour today, writing thoughtful blog posts about how the themes of Notes from a Blue Bike work in their own lives. I wish I could do this, but I think I'm too in need of reset and renewal. (Or maybe I just need spring to come.)

I can tell you this: reading this book didn't make me feel worse about my own life, not even a little. It reminded me that there are seasons. It reminded me that there are ways to resist the busyness. It reminded me that it's okay to just take a small step, especially if you don't exactly have great margins in which to take giant leaps.

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