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“Day 137: Bed Time” by Tom Small
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The other day I was wondering why A Deeper Story doesn’t feature more stories about sex. Not about the politics of sex, or the abuse of sex. Sex. But then I realized that stories about sex are called erotica and, well, this is the Family channel.

Sex is private. We shouldn’t talk about it publicly – and certainly not in the church (Song of Songs notwithstanding). It will make people uncomfortable. It will make me uncomfortable. It’s how we all came to be, yet we compulsively secret it under layers of myth and shame - except, of course, when it might be useful for the marketing of consumer goods. I worry that there aren’t enough true stories going around. I know there aren’t enough good stories going around.

I’m biased, but I think my story is both true and good.

...read the rest (as I blush furiously) at a Deeper Story.

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