Being Involved

I rarely, if ever, write about one of my favorite parts of ministry, for obvious reasons.

I love being involved with people - knowing what's going on in their lives. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly.

And of course many of these things are deeply private and utterly confidential. Not blog fodder. When I wrote about a particularly lovely involvement in a parishioner's life, I sought permission to do so.

This morning the people were especially forthcoming during Joys and Concerns. I think it's rare for a congregation as large as ours to solicit prayer requests during worship. It feels wonderfully small church of us to do this. Usually there are only three or four. Today there were lots. Babies born, FaceTime calls with distant relatives, a reconciliation between siblings, a plea for peace on the streets of Chicago. It was a testimony to the ways the members of the congregation are involved with one another's lives.

After church I played peekaboo with a baby that I've known since she was one day old, and hugged grieving parents, gave a high five to a two-year-old, and chatted with parishioners when I stopped at the grocery store on the way home.

And to think that one of my primary vocational responsibilities is to pray for these people, and to simply be in relationship with them.

It's a gift.

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