Celebrating my 10th Bloggiversary in Style

Yesterday I realized that I'd let a moderately important date pass without acknowledgement: as of July 31, 2014, my blog is ten years old.

I wish I could go back and whisper in the ear of my 24-year-old self that night I claimed "www.kewp.blogspot.com" and picked "any day a beautiful change" from the album notes of my newest Innocence Mission CD. She'd be awfully pleased to know that ten years later, to the day, she'd have a new essay up at the Christian Century site. She would, however, be severely alarmed that it would be about listening to Contemporary Christian Music again. My twenty-four year old self probably wouldn't want much to do with my thirty-four year old self, alas.

Ten years of blogging seems like something to celebrate, so I bought myself a present. I bought it with money I've made from writing, which seems especially appropriate. And I bought something I've wanted for nearly all the time I've been blogging: a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Perhaps, if you're a long time reader, you recall that I used to blog a bit about vacuum cleaners. In one of my twenty-two posts during the month of October in 2005 (I was so prolific before children), I confessed my partiality for the Dyson.

In my sermon tomorrow I'm going to quote Donald Miller talking about what it means to live a good story. "If we are a person that wants a Volvo and is willing to work overtime to get it, than the moral of the story we are teaching the world is work hard and someday you’ll get a Volvo. It’s not a bad story, but it’s not a good one, either." I thought of that while I was tooling out of Target with my RedCard- and Cartwheel-discounted purchase. I felt a little sheepish.

I don't mean for the moral of this post (or my blog) to be about celebratory vacuum-cleaners. The moral of the story is that my blog has helped me live a better story. The vacuum cleaner is just the icing on the cake.

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