First Day of School 2014

We didn't get the best pictures ever this time around, thanks to the teeming masses of mosquitoes that swarmed when we went outside this morning for our little photo shoot. But, these will do.

Both Juliette and Genevieve had their first day of school today.

If Genevieve looks a bit tired here, it's because Genevieve is a bit tired here. She's going to three's preschool in the morning and afternoon, so her leisurely afternoon naps are a thing of the past. On the upside, her nights of not falling asleep until nine-thirty are also, I hope, a thing of the past. This was taken at the end of her longish day, while we waited for Juliette's bus.

This child can make the most hilarious faces. Also, ignore the black paint on her cutie-patootie dress.

Happy sisters after a day at school!

Juliette's first-day-of-school dress came from the uniform section at Target, because it was cuter and cheaper than the other clothes, and on account of how much I wish our elementary school had uniforms. She loved it; she said it was "worky" and that it made her look two things: smart, and like me. :)

First grade, baby.

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