Things and Stuff and Other Miscellany

1. Juliette had her first piano lesson last week. Her teacher is a gem - well-recommended by about ten people in town. Thanks to choir and bells and a few lessons from Grandma, she was able to skip through much of the beginner book.

2. I'm taking Tsh Oxenreider's e-course, Upstream Field Guide. I'm a little behind on the actual journaling, but I'm enjoying the process anyway. It's especially fun that one of my old friends is taking it, too.

3. I had an incredibly vivid dream last night that I was negotiating a call to become the senior pastor of a Disciples of Christ congregation that was very far away. I know that it was far away because the dream involved a very long road trip for our relocation, and I know that it was a Disciples of Christ congregation because it felt so DoC. Anyone who's spent much time in different denominations knows that they each have their trademark "feel". I'm kind of proud of my subconscious for being able to so accurately conjure the Disciple ethos, lo these many years away from a DoC congregation. Anyway, the negotiations included a bit of wrangling over which office I would take; I wanted the one with all the windows, but it was adjacent to a room with moldy floors. Also, they claimed they didn't like to heat that part of the building. I woke up laughing. 

(Despite my dreamscape dalliance with the Search and Call process, I have absolutely no intention of leaving my church. For the record.)

4. Right after we moved into our house, a woman who'd grown up here stopped by to visit. She mentioned that there had been built-in bookshelves in the living room; given how gorgeous the guest room built-ins are, I've been shaking my fist ever since at whoever tore them out. I've also been pining for (and pinning pictures of) built-in bookshelves to replace them. We'd gotten a quote a few years ago and learned that this is, in fact, a project that requires a bit of saving up. We're finally in the position to do it, and I am so excited. This isn't quite how they'll look, but in the general ballpark. There will be a pull-out desktop on one side, and a shelf that goes along the top of the window. 

5. I've been a bit of a nervous wreck about my Christian Century cover essay. As I told some friends, it's a good thing one can't actually die of a vulnerability hangover. So far the response has been good, though. Greg Carey posted a different perspective at the Century blog, and I've received a few emails from people who've read it.  Normally I would not claim favorites, but I unabashedly favor the appreciative email that included a 42-year-old wedding picture. If what I write inspires people to send me their 42-year-old wedding photos, I'm doing something right. Happy Anniversary, F___ and S___!

6. We went to see Big Hero Six with our next-door neighbors today. It was a little bit scarier than I expected, but we all loved it. It was charming and funny and had my favorite quality in books or movies or music or TV: a strong moral center. I liked it as much or more than any other movie I've seen in the last year. 

7. I spent nearly an entire day cleaning my office and oh, do I like the results. (I'm in denial that every single thing has to be packed up and moved out next summer for the big asbestos abatement project.)

There are so many things pictured here that matter to me. The metal plate from Betty Carol, the Cloisters photograph from Carly, the plastic yarn work tissue box that my grandmother didn't make but nevertheless reminds me of her so perfectly, the stoles from Lisa and my installation, the collection of Saint John's Bibles, the photograph of Deacon. And that's just a few bits. 

8. This girl. She makes me crazy with her ongoing refusal to wear an actual winter coat (this is a spring jacket and it was so cold the schools were closed). But, she's just so stinking cute. 

9. I am reading Heidi out loud to Juliette. We are both enjoying it thoroughly. She laughed uncontrollably about the kittens meowing at Miss Rottenmeier, and tonight we read the scene where Heidi reads the story of the prodigal son to Grandfather, and Juliette was delighted to recognize the "God story." 

I think that's all for now!

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