Let Us See You Ever Clearer

I have a rather busy week, with more things on my to-do list than seem possible to actually accomplish. I was bemoaning to a colleague this morning that it was taking me forever to finish the bulletin because I couldn't find the right hymns - there aren't many hymns about Jesus overturning the tables at the temple, you know? She joked that I should write a hymn, and I was all, "yeah, right!". But then I went back to my office and thought, "why not?" and proceeded to spend the next hour writing this, to-do list be damned. It's not the best hymn ever, or even the best one I've written, but it will work perfectly for our worship service this Sunday.

(It's licensed through Creative Commons - you're welcome to adapt but not use commercially, and please give me credit. Thanks!)

Let Us See You Ever Clearer

Jesus, you preached grace and mercy,
fed with stories and with bread.
Yet your parables of judgment
stir our hearts with quiet dread.
Let us see you ever clearer,
not what we prefer instead;
not what we prefer instead.

In the temple you turned tables,
scattered coin and sheep and dove.
Crude dishonor sparked your anger,
Indignation from above.
Let us see you ever clearer,
Righteous, holy Son of Love;
Righteous, holy Son of Love.

Though we know where this is going -
Christ shall suffer; Christ shall die -
still we search for easy triumph,
pray the cup shall pass you by.
Let us see you ever clearer,
As the cross is lifted high;
as the cross is lifted high.

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Let Us See You Ever Clearer by Katherine Willis Pershey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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