Chosen: Why I Write (What I Write)

I was delighted to learn that my essay for Bearings, the journal of the Collegeville Institute, inspired a series - the editor invited three other writers to contemplate the same topic throughout the month of May. I loved Michael McGregor's piece last week, and am looking forward to reading the ones that have yet to be published.
Thanks in part to my participation in a couple of Collegeville Institute workshops, I’ve collected a decent number of friends who write. We talk about writing quite a bit, including lengthy conversations about the topics we tackle on the page. But what I often ponder—and what my writer friends and I rarely discuss—is why people chose to write about what they write about.  
To be sure, plenty of writers work on assignment. They have a beat to cover, so they cover it. I know something about this, having written several years of sermon manuscripts following the lectionary readings. The focus of most of my non-homiletic writing, however, is entirely up to me—yet I can’t quite bring myself to say that I’ve chosen to write about what I write about. It seems more accurate to say that the things I write about—often motherhood and marriage and the never-ending attempt to live faithfully in a frighteningly broken world—these things chose me.
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