The Art of Neighboring

I have amazing neighbors. I love my whole block, but two families in particular – the Lloyds and the Majerniks – are a big part of our lives. A constant stream of favors flows between our houses.

We have the biggest garage so we store our neighbors’ extra bikes and snow tires. The Majerniks have the sandbox and swingset, which are magnets when the weather is temperate. The Lloyds have the oldest kids, so in addition to providing many of the hand-me-downs and the leaders for bike rides around the block, they are also generous with the wisdom they’ve gained by being a few steps ahead of us in the parenting game.

This remarkable community of neighbors is partly a stroke of luck (or providence, depending on your worldview). While we knew the Lloyds through our church before we moved in, we met the Majerniks when they arrived six weeks later. But it isn’t all mere serendipity. There are a few key practices that have nurtured our neighborliness.

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