(Writing) Year in Review: 2015

2015 was a big year for me as a writer. I stopped blogging at any day a beautiful change. I spent a week in Collegeville, Minnesota. I contributed twelve short essays to a preaching book forthcoming from Westminster John Knox Press. I signed two book contracts, for Very Married: Field Notes on Love and Fidelity (Herald Press, Fall 2016) and Sin: A Book About Grace (Eerdmans, Sometime a Long Way Off). And I continued to write for The Art of Simple, the Christian Century, and a few other publications here and there.

A few of my pieces made "most-read" lists, which is fun.

"Chosen: Why I Write (What I Write)," #4 most-popular blog post for Bearings Online

Review of Lauren Winner's Wearing God, #5 most-read book review for the Christian Century

"Marcus Borg re-introduced me to Jesus," #1 most-read blog post for the Christian Century

And, amazingly:

"A Long Obedience," #1 most-read article for the Christian Century

I am honored and grateful that people want to read my sentences. Thank you.

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