God One

When I'm on pastoral care visits, I always make a point to chat with caregivers, too.

Today, after visiting with one of my favorite ninety-nine year olds, I stopped in her kitchen to leave my water glass on the counter. Her new caregiver beckoned me over to the refrigerator, where she pulled a little bar of dark chocolate out of the freezer and pressed it into my hand. I noticed that one of our church magnets was on the refrigerator. 

"That's our church," I said, just making conversation.

"Is it Catholic?" she asked, in her lilting Eastern European accent.

"No," I said, a bit apologetically. "Protestant."

She shrugged. "God one."

"God one," I echoed, nodding.

"God one. People different, but God one."

It was excellent chocolate, too. 

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